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Inspired by founder Nona Lim’s Singaporean roots, the brand offers delicious small batch noodles, soups, and sauces for a convenient but healthy meal. The recipes come from various Asian cuisines and deliver the taste without the use of preservatives or artificial flavorings.


Even though Asian food culture has become more mainstream in the U.S. over the years, many consumers are still unfamiliar with many Asian foods and flavors, making first-time purchasers a hurdle for Nona Lim. Therefore, the brand wanted to educate consumers in a fun, dynamic way and show how they can incorporate Nona Lim products into their everyday meals.

Nona Lim:

Showcasing food

through live cooking demos

Cooking a new dish can feel overwhelming, especially to the busy working professionals that constitute a core customer segment for Nona Lim. It was crucial to show the consumers how easy it is to create healthy, balanced meals with its products.

The brand worked with Shop LIT Live creator Michelle to host live cooking demonstrations in her kitchen. While they learned about the flavors and ingredients from Michelle, the audience was also able to see directly how they would cook the products and how the final meal should look. As a method of consumer education, the livestream was much more effective than simple photos on a website or reading the packaging in a grocery store. 


  • 78% livestream chat engagement

  • 12% conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Social media giveaway to build excitement leading up to the live event

  • Knowledgeable creator who can relate to the audience and authentically present the products

  • Exclusive discounts during the livestream to drive conversion


livestream chat engagement​


conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Live cooking demonstration persuasively conveys one of the key selling points of the brand - it’s ease of use

  • Ability to get questions answered directly helps potential customers to overcome the barrier of trying an unfamiliar product, leading to higher conversion

  • The live video format best communicates the visual appeal of food

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