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Joanna Vargas is today's it-celebrity esthetician known for her powerhouse facials offered at her signature NYC & LA salons. Her eponymous skincare line reflects her unique combination of technology, technique, and all-natural ingredients, and her favorite part of being an esthetician is being able to connect with her clients. 

However, with the impacts of COVID-19, Joanna Vargas wanted to find a new way to connect, educate, and inspire customers so she turned to livestreaming with Shop LIT Live.

Joanna Vargas: Educate, inspire, and connect with customers

"My favorite part of being an esthetician is being able to connect with my clients, discovering their needs and wants, and curating a skincare routine for them. SLL facilitates a connection that you can't necessarily get via DM."

- Joanna Vargas, Founder

Joanna Vargas Skincare launched on Shop LIT Live with a dedicated livestream hosted by Joanna Vargas herself focusing on her coveted and adaptable 5-step skincare routine. Having the founder go live not only puts a face to the brand but creates a unique connection with customers that is difficult to replicate in other formats. 

Founder-led livestreams work especially well for brands such as Joanna Vargas, as her professional expertise lends credibility to the brand. By directly engaging with her and asking her questions about their own skincare concerns, the audience develops trust in the products.


  • 78% livestream chat engagement

  • 12% conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Social media giveaway to build excitement leading up to the live event

  • Knowledgeable creator who can relate to the audience and authentically present the products

  • Exclusive discounts during the livestream to drive conversion


livestream chat engagement​


conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Exclusive content revealing the Joanna Vargas Skincare routine by the founder herself, a level of intimate access not available elsewhere

  • Simulating the in-person esthetician consultation through digital technology provides an elevated service that most consumers have not experienced before

  • Cross-promotion on Joanna Vargas social channels and emails

  • Engaging moments during the livestream such as Q&As and product giveaways worth over $400

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