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Monetize Your Fanbase Through Conversations

Chattie lets you host private, one-on-one conversations with your fanbase.

Why Chattie?

Chattie is a technology service built for creators and influencers across all genres. With one simple link, Chattie gives your biggest fans the ability to schedule private, one-on-one conversations with you at your asking price.

   One simple link allows you to: 


  • Set your own schedule and availability

  • Determine the price and get paid immediately   

  • Share and monetize your talent, knowledge, and skill set

  • Build more meaningful relationships with your fans 


Set up your Chattie profile, creating an account is free. We will contact you once you register


Create your shareable calendar, you control when your fans can book time with you and for how long


Determine your asking price, you decide how much your time is worth and receive 80% of your sales


Set up payment, fans are required to pay at the time of booking so you get paid immediately


Time to chat! Engage with your fans over a private video call

How It Works 

Getting started is simple:

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Get Started with Chattie!

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Contact Us : 

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