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Product Rating and Review Policies


Only registered users will be able to leave a product review.

Please sign in or register an account with us before leave a product review.

Write/Edit a product review and rate a product

One user can only review and rate one product variant once.

A user would be able to rate a product without providing a text review, however, if a user would like to provide a text review, the rating is required.

Our product rating is based on a 5-stars system with 1 star indicating "not happy with the product at all" and 5 stars means "satisfied with the product".

Once rated or reviewed a product, a user would be able to edit or delete the product review anytime.

Verified Purchaser

When a user has purchased the product before submitting a review, a "verified purchaser" tag will be displayed next to the user's name in the product review. The tag indicates that this user has purchased the item from Shop LIT Live before.

To write a review/historical review

A user would be able to find the products that can be reviewed from previous purchases and historical reviews posted from the user profile page, "My Reviews" section.

Product review copyright and general community guideline

Shop LIT Live will have the copyright of all content uploaded to the platform.

Any inappropriate content that includes but not limited to violence, hate crime, racism, sexism, nude or other graphic images, will be removed by the community manager immediately.

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