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Onboarding as Merchant

Step 1: Active Merchant Account

Please contact your account manager to help active the merchant account. Once the account has been set up with the correspondent function access, the merchant operator can log in and update default credentials.

Step 2: Understanding Live Stream Path

There are two ways to do live stream with LIT Live - On Platform and Out of Platform.

On Platform Live Stream

On platform live streams are the live streams associated with products that are sold on LIT Live's Platform. Customers purchase products via LIT Live's checkout system. For more details about selling on LIT Live's platform, please refer to our guide to selling on LIT Live.

Out of Platform Live Stream

Out of platform live streams are the live streams associated with products listed and sold on merchants' own websites. Customers purchase products via merchants' own websites, without interacting with LIT Live's checkout system.

Step 3: Complete Merchant/Brand Information based on the Live Stream Path

Path: Merchant Portal -> Baisc Information -> Merchant Info

General Merchant Information Required

Store/Brand Name Description Logo Contact Information The merchant can fill in multiple contact emails, separating with comma. All emails listed will receive our communication emails. Business Address Only US Address is allowed and the address has to pass USPS Verification

Required Information for On-Platform Live Stream Path

Path: Merchant Portal -> Basic Information -> Merchant Info

Warehouse Address

Merchant's US Warehouse address is required for tax purpose. ONLY US address is allowed, and the address must pass USPS verification.

General Return Policy

A return policy that will apply to the mass majority of products from the brand. This general return policy will show up on the Shop LIT Live App product details page.

Payment Settings

In order to process further to list products onto LIT LIve's Platform, the merchant has to set up a Stripe Connect Account with Shop LIT Live. Please contact the account manager for further information. Your account manager will have no access to your Stripe account setting and cannot communicate with Stripe on behalf of you. Stripe's 24/7 support is available to all Stripe Connect Account under LIT LIve's Account.

Shipping Profile

Path: Merchant Portal -> Basic Information -> Shipping Profile If a merchant is going to sell on LIT Live's Platform, it needs to set up a proper shiping profile before listing any platform products. Details please refer to the shipping profile. Required Information for Out-of-Platform Live Stream Path There are no extra merchant information requirements for merchants who will take the out-of-platform Live Stream Path.

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