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Welcome to join Shop LIT Live! 

LIT Live coins are the virtual “coins” native to Shop LIT Live community which users will be able to collect via various ways and use them when checkout on the platform 

LIT Live coins are not real money and do not have any fiat money value outside LIT Live Platform. LIT Live coins are not tradable nor transferable and can be purchased from neither individuals nor LIT Live, Inc, the operator of Shop LIT Live.

Every 1500 LIT Live Coins equal to $1.00

There is no expiration date of LIT Live coins. 

There are several ways to earn LIT Live Coins:

Daily Check-in.

For each daily check-in, you will receive 300 coins, and for each consecutive day check-in up until seven days in total, you will receive 600 coins. For 7 consecutive day check-in, you can possibly earn up to 3900 coins. After a 7-day cycle, the daily check-in will start from day 1. 

Daily check-in reset time would be midnight EST. 

Invite your friends!

When using the invitation link to invite a friend, once your friend signs up and becomes a user, you will automatically receive 3500 points!

There is no limitation on how many friends you can invite. 

Review our App

It is a one-time event. Once you review our app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, you will receive 3000 coins!

Follow us on Instagram.

It is a one-time event. Once you follow our account on Instagram, you will receive 3000 coins!

Redeem a promotion code

Currently, Shop LIT Live promotion code does not apply to the checkout page directly. Users will need to redeem promotion codes and get LIT Live coins first and then use coins during checkout. 

For different promotion code, there will be different rules that apply to it, but the general rule is that each code can only be redeemed once per user during the effective time while availability lasts. We will list details in our newsletter, Instagram promotional post and our app posts. 

Watch Livestreams

You will earn 30 points for each 30 seconds of livestream that you watched. There will be maximum points that can be earned by watching livestream per day.

Use your LIT Live Coins

You can apply your LIT Live coins during the checkout process, and we will automatically deduct the cash amount form your order. 

Application limitation:

We only allow users to use credits to cover the product price, shipping cost and taxes are currently not covered by LIT Live Credits. Due to our payment processor partner’s policy, minium transaction amount accepted is $0.5 hence for the purpose, the maximum amount of coins users can use during checkout would be total product price minus 50 cents. 

LIT Live has all rights to remove coins when malicious or fraudulent behaviours are detected. ​


For any questions, please contact us at

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