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Created by women for women, J.ING aspires to make quality fashion accessible to all. After launching in 2017, its product lines have now expanded to include accessories and activewear. The brand’s trendy pieces have resonated on social media with consistent follower growth and engagement. 

However, J.ING wanted to give its customers a more interactive product experience that showed them how they can be styled for different occasions. Fashion is very personal and tactile, so there was no better way to demonstrate J.ING’s product versatility than through livestreamed styling sessions.

J.ING: Introduce new apparel styles with

in-studio livestreams

"Livestreaming in-studio with J.ING was a more interactive way to get viewers engaged. Against the backdrop of some of their other pieces, I believe it made the livestream a whole lot more visually appealing!"

- Malvika Sheth, SLL Creator

J.ING partnered with two Shop LIT Live creators to host livestreams in their LA studio. Each creator had a personalized rack of outfits prepared in the background and demonstrated how they would style each one based on the occasion. The livestreams allowed J.ING to show the versatility of their styles and answer questions about the fabric, fit and sizing in real-time. 

Whether hosted in a professional studio or at home, livestreams are a powerful tool for apparel. Interactive try-ons, styling tips, and Q&As on fit and size help provide the same context and confidence as in-person shopping.


  • 78% livestream chat engagement

  • 12% conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Social media giveaway to build excitement leading up to the live event

  • Knowledgeable creator who can relate to the audience and authentically present the products

  • Exclusive discounts during the livestream to drive conversion


livestream chat engagement​


conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Unique livestream setup in a professional studio

  • Working with multiple creators with different styles to showcase the diversity of the brand’s products

  • Informative Q&As provided robust product knowledge that adequately replace in-person shopping 

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