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Founded by two best friends who set out to simplify the increasingly complicated skincare industry, Covey launched in 2021. Fully embracing the philosophy of less is more, the brand’s signature routine comprises three products that work for all skin types. 

As a digitally native brand, Covey was looking for a way that spoke directly with consumers as part of its launch strategy. Therefore, it turned to Shop LIT Live to launch a series of livestream shopping events.

Covey: Launching a new brand through livestreaming

"As a model and content creator, I can't wait to use this platform as another creative outlet to help grow Covey. We are a community-bred brand, and engineered Covey's formulas based on what consumers were talking about and asking for across my platforms and through our product reviews. We are so excited to test out livestream shopping as another way to engage with the Covey community."

- Emily DiDonato, Co-Founder of Covey

To break through the competitive landscape of beauty brands, Covey leveraged the star power of its supermodel co-founder Emily DiDonato. Emily hosted the first livestream on Shop LIT Live and demoed the products live, showing the audience how easy they were to use. This was also a great way for her followers to engage with her in a novel and more intimate fashion.

Emily then hosted a subsequent live event where she was joined by her co-founder Christina Garcia. This format enabled them to powerfully articulate the mission behind Covey. The brand story comes across much more authentically in a livestream compared to edited content on other channels.


  • 78% livestream chat engagement

  • 12% conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Social media giveaway to build excitement leading up to the live event

  • Knowledgeable creator who can relate to the audience and authentically present the products

  • Exclusive discounts during the livestream to drive conversion


livestream chat engagement​


conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • 360 degree marketing spearheaded by Covey leading up to the live event

  • Unique access to have a direct and intimate conversation with the founders

  • Exclusive discount only available during the livestreams to drive a sense of urgency for the audience to purchase

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