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Blinc’s story started with the quest to find the perfect mascara and many years later, its award-winning tubing mascara is still a fan favorite. The brand has since expanded its offering to a comprehensive range of eye makeup products and serves customers in over 30 countries. 

As the beauty market becomes increasingly competitive over the years, Blinc was looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. The brand believes strongly in the innovation and quality of its products and wanted to showcase them in a #nofilter manner. They decided to work with Shop LIT Live to host monthly livestreams so that shoppers see the transformative magic of their products through dynamic and interactive makeup tutorials.

Blinc Inc: Live beauty

transformations with #nofilter

Using our livestream technology and knowledgeable creators, Blinc Inc was able to educate, engage, and convert new customers. Through live makeup tutorials, our creators brought their expertise to educate shoppers on Blinc Inc products, demonstrate new application techniques, and answer shoppers’ questions in real-time. 

This interactive, #nofilter setting helped to build immediate trust in their products and expedite the shoppers’ decision to purchase.


  • 78% livestream chat engagement

  • 12% conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Social media giveaway to build excitement leading up to the live event

  • Knowledgeable creator who can relate to the audience and authentically present the products

  • Exclusive discounts during the livestream to drive conversion


livestream chat engagement​


conversion rate

Keys to Success

  • Live application of makeup products for shoppers to experience their effects in real-time

  • Knowledgeable creators who provide useful advice, tips, and tricks so shoppers feel that they have learned from the livestream

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